Mission Statement

  • Honesty and Integrity in our Dealings; We will practice open and honest dealings to enhance our good reputation, build trust and solid working relationships, instill confidence and gain the respect of our customers, employees, and suppliers.
  • Respect and Fair Treatment of all People; We will treat all people – both within our company and without- in a fair, courteous, and dignified manner to promote mutual respect and demonstrate our commitment to equality, justice and the family.
  • Stewardship of the Resources in Our Care; We will retain the loyalty of our employees, safeguard our future prosperity and preserve our environment by treating the people and financial resources in our care as a sacred trust and acting responsibly in our use of material resources.
  • The Principle of Free Enterprise; We will affirm our commitment to entrepreneurship, establish a strong work ethic and encourage our employees to meet and exceed customer expectations by encouraging initiative, supporting innovation and rewarding industriousness.

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