Weed Control

Even the most beautiful lawn is likely to have weeds appear at some point. Keeping a lawn weed free takes more than just having a couple of herbicide treatments each year. Nature finds ways to make sure something starts growing in any lawn that has become too thin. Bare patches of soil quickly fill up with broadleaf and grassy weeds of all sorts. That’s why a healthy, thick strand of grass is the very best weed prevention there is.

Below are a facts you should know in winning your war with lawn weeds.

All About Weeds

The two basic kinds of weeds in most lawns are broadleaf and grasses. Dandelions and clover are broadleaf weeds, while crabgrass is a grassy type. There are also perennial and annual weeds with very different life cycles. Summer weeds have a thick, waxy coat that makes them the toughest to control. We have specialized approaches for controlling the various types of weeds common to lawns.


Regular fertilization is the best way to produce a healthy, thick strand of grass that can fight off invading weeds. Working together, we can keep your lawn beautiful and healthy while keeping most of the weeds out. Please give us a call with any questions you may have about weeds or and other lawn concerns.